Body Image

There is an ever-growing concern among American parents, sociologists, and educators regarding the way that dolls (like Barbie) negatively impact the way that young girls perceive their own bodies.  I found this report fascinating:

PS. I apologize for the Michael Bannon’s closing remarks.

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3 responses to “Body Image”

  1. Alex Frenzel says :


  2. Sgt. Grumbles says :

    Dude, my kids are HOOKED UP! They have always been off the charts in head size…just like Mom & Dad! I always felt like some kind of huge-craniumed FREAK when I was young, but WHO’S LAUGHING NOW tiny-heads?! BOOYA!!! Me & that kid from So I Married an Axe Murderer are freaking BRAD PITTS! (I feel a bit weird saying Michele is my Angelina, but you know what, HECK YES! GRICHELE is gonna be the new stars of US Weekly!)

  3. Mark says :

    I thought Bannon’s closing remarks were hilarious.

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