Patrick Daughters

One of my greatest secret interests is the music video.  I would tend to shy away from such an admission in light of the sheer wretchedness of what we often see on MTV, VH1, or countless other music television stations that have arisen over the years.  Music videos have become so uninspired, oftentimes more interested in conveying an image that builds up the artist as a superhero, a martyr, or a sex icon.  And when a video does employ any sort of storytelling, it is all-too-often meaningless, narcissistic, and void of any substance.

I always keep my eyes open for the artist who can capture a profound image, a profound concept, and a profound sound.  I am obsessed with engaging art in exhaustive ways (using as many senses as possible, and let’s consider the mind a sense for the time being), and it wasn’t until recently that I realized some of my favorite recent music videos have been directed by one person.  I’m talking about music videos that make you fall more in love with the sound because of what the images and ideas passed to you though the music video medium enrich the individual song with, enhancing your experience.

Even if you’ve not heard of Patrick Daughters it is possible that you have seen one of his very uniquely styled and directed music videos.  Some of my favorites are below.  Please enjoy.






If you’re interested, this MGMT video by Eric Wareheim and this Danielson video by J. Christiaan Palladino are incredible, as well as anything by Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, etc.

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My name is Elijah. My interests include life in active community, writing, performing and partaking of music, collecting vinyl records, hiking/outdoors, urban exploration, Celtic FC and the Detroit Tigers.

3 responses to “Patrick Daughters”

  1. Tim Kowal says :

    Great videos. Thanks for posting.

  2. Mark says :

    I really like the Grizzly Bear track. Is that the album you would recommend for people to start with, or is an earlier album a better start?

    Also, the Interpol, and Feist videos were disabled for embedding. [ELIJAH ADDS: Embedding updated for your viewing pleasure.]

  3. Elijah says :

    I would say start with Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House, but both Yellow House and Veckatimest (featuring “Two Weeks”) are more accessible than Horn of Plenty (which doesn’t feature Daniel Rossen who also plays in Department of Eagles).

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