Sew it on…

The year of reuinons?

Maybe we’re not seeing Moz and Marr back together, but we are most certainly seeing Pavement – and more importantly – Sunny Day Real Estate reforming, at least for now.   (Note: The Pixies are recording new music together and I guess Blur reunited too, but who cares about a Blur reunion?)


Just to emphasize SDRE, who would have thought?  This is the first tour since 1995 with the original members of SDRE.  William Goldsmith and Nate Mendel had been performing in the Foo Fighters from 1995-1997, and when SDRE toured in 1997 only William came back.  Since then we’ve seen The Fire Theft (which did featured Jeremy Enigk, William and Nate) and more of Jeremy’s solo career (which seems to be doing well, so I figured he’d be touring with his solo material for a while…).  Still, there is nearly nothing sweeter than a full-on SDRE reunion.  I’ve not much more to express about this at the moment except sadness that I won’t be in the United States to see SDRE.  Maybe they’ll stop by Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Check out this video of SDRE playing their classic “Seven” (and playing it exquisitely) on Jimmy Fallon:

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14 responses to “Sew it on…”

  1. Matthew Holtmeier says :

    Hey… this blog has good news!

    Glasgow actually seems pretty awesome for music, Chelsea and I were just listening to something we really liked and she found out that they are playing in Glasgow in like a week.

    Unfortunately, we are afraid of Glasgow.

    Also, I miss Pavement, I haven’t listened to them in a long time. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Elijah says :

    Yeah, there are several good shows coming up in Glasgow, including (but not limited to):

    The Pixies (4 October)
    The xx (5 October)
    J. Tillman (9 October)
    Echo and The Bunnymen (14 October)
    Passion Pit (23 October)
    Camera Obscura (29 October)
    Grizzly Bear (w/ St Vincent) (2 November)
    Mew (5 November)
    Yo La Tengo (6 November)
    The Psychedelic Furs (14 November)
    The Flaming Lips (15 November)
    Gary Numan (27 November)
    We Were Promised Jetpacks (29 November)
    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (3 December)
    Public Image Ltd. (18 December)
    Fightened Rabbit (22 December – and I’ll be out of the country! What a bust!)

  3. Matthew Holtmeier says :

    I will go to one of those if you protect me from harm.

  4. Elijah says :

    I added even more. And I will always protect you.

  5. Matthew Holtmeier says :

    Glasgow is both beautiful and violent. Sublime?

  6. Chelsea says :

    Can we please go to xx, Camera Obscura and/or Grizzly Bear? Wait. Too many awesome shows – is Glasgow the new Seattle?

    I’ll bring my knives.

  7. Matthew Holtmeier says :

    I think that is the secret surprise. Also sublime.

  8. Andrew Faris says :

    This is phenomenal news.

  9. Mark says :

    It’s times like these when I realize we are kindred spirits Elijah, and our politics and economics are just side-show. My wife (who is awesome for things like this) recorded that Fallon episode and we just watched SDRE last night, and I was totally going to do a post on it!
    Jeremy’s voice has definitely seen some repercussions from too many American Spirit cigarettes, but they still have it man. And I absolutely never tire of watching Goldsmith on drums… he is incredible.

  10. Elijah says :


    I fully agree regarding Goldsmith. Not only that, but the whole group was so together, perhaps moreso than I’ve ever seen. It definitely didn’t feel rusty.

  11. Pete says :

    I saw SDRE twice, both times with different bass players, and I thought both of them seemed really out of place. The first time, it was some old, burned out rocker type who seemed like he’d be more at home filling in for the Damned or some sort of psycho-billy group than Sunny Day. The second time they had some other old guy who looked like he had just been grabbed from an office social, playing Jimmy Buffet covers or something. I just thought ‘Geez, of all the indie-rock kids who worship this band and know how to play bass, they couldn’t find one to blend in with the group a little better than this?’ That probably makes me sound a bit vain, but whatever- it was distracting. So I guess it’s good news they’re getting their old bass player back. I must say though, ever since Sgt. Grumbles compared SDRE to Rush way back when, there was no going back for me. I love me some old SDRE, but when I listen to it now I mostly hear wankery. You corrupted me Sgt. Grumbles!

  12. Sgt. Grumbles says :

    PETE! I was talking about ONE ALBUM brother (which I still stand by), namely “The Rising Tide.” It was so sad to come to this realization…that they had lost “the anointing” as a band, but Jeremy has had some sold solo albums, wouldn’t you say? And William was so essential to the incredible sound right from the start–you guys nailed that.

    The two times I saw these guys (both with Mark) were among the best shows I’ve ever seen & they have written some of my favorite songs ever (mostly off LP2–“5/4” is one of the best, along with “J’Nuh” & “Iscarabaid”–kind of WTF on the titles).

    I think we need to add an item to our lists–top 5-10 favorite shows over the years…

  13. Pete says :

    Actually Greg, you first dropped the Rush comparison in reference to the “How it Feels” album, though you did specify that it was only the latter part of the album that warranted the comparison. Regardless, I cannot scrub the stain clean. I still like the first two albums and actually came around a little on the third, but the overall impact of the band has definitely been dulled for me. As for the first solo Album (Frog Queen), I love the first three songs and can barely tolerate the rest. I have not listened to anything else, because I just lost interest. I think I heard a little of the Fire Theft album and it bored me from what I remember. But, I’d certainly be open to giving his latest solo album a listen.

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