February’s New Music Blurbs

Maybe you have heard of a little New York City band called Vampire Weekend.  On 12 January they released their second full-length album, Contra.  Well, this independently-released album sold over 124,000 units in its first week, placing it at number 1 on the Billboard 200 – quite a feat for an indie band.  But making any statements concerning this record is a lose-lose situation for yours truly.

  • If I praise this record I will be on the side of the majority, the hipster reviewers who make taste for the legions of hipsters in America and the UK.  Pitchfork gave this record a rather favourable 8.6/10.
  • If I decide to say the record isn’t very good, well then I am part of a far more dubious group of hipsters, the hipster reviewers who cannot like what is popular because they are so ‘cutting-edge’.

I honestly thought the record wasn’t that good, at least not as good as the heaps of praise it’s been receiving.  Perhaps I should listen to it more, but I find it largely uninteresting.  Their previous effort failed to captivate me, so I’m not very surprised about my thoughts regarding Contra.  Besides, plenty of records reach number 1 on the charts that I cannot stomach (not to mention that VW ended up in Vogue of all places).  I bring this up now because they have just released a new music video with an all-star cast (including RZA[!!!] – I’m a Wu-Tang fan at heart).  This song (‘Giving Up the Gun’, considered one of the best tracks on the record) is made slightly less boring with the video, though I still find it dull.

At the very least, this video demonstrates great ignorance with regard to the rules of tennis.

So what’s next on the docket?  I did title this post ‘blurbs’ as opposed to ‘blurb’, didn’t I?  Well I hope not to disappoint with the next blurb.

Broken Social Scene is a fun band, right?  Well they just recorded a new record (their first since 2005’s Broken Social Scene).  When I first heard of them I was rather skeptical (being something of a supergroup), but when I first heard ‘Stars and Sons’ it was stuck in my head on-and-off for seven years.  Their new record is entitled, Forgiveness Rock Record and it is slated to be released on 4 May.  This may or may not be a great record (give me a break, I’ve only heard one track), but you can at least have a listen to their first single, ‘World Sick’, for free!  Get your free MP3 from their website straight-away!

This is so old but too fun not to post.  It makes me want to dance in a garage or a living room with my friends in Los Angeles…

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My name is Elijah. My interests include life in active community, writing, performing and partaking of music, collecting vinyl records, hiking/outdoors, urban exploration, Celtic FC and the Detroit Tigers.

4 responses to “February’s New Music Blurbs”

  1. Andrew Faris says :

    That VW song is, well, boring, and the xylophone on the chorus feels gimmicky.

    I’m with you.

  2. Erin says :

    Yeah, I too was bummed. I was glad the girl beat Joe though. Thanks for posting that BSS video. I hadn’t seen it before and I now feel quite enlightened. It made me want to have a dance party here, but everyone’s sleeping or at work.

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