How can it be wrong when it feels so Wright?

At risk of getting too personal, as can be observed from my ‘Theoroes’ list, The Rt Rev Nicholas Thomas ‘Tom’ Wright, Bishop of Durham since 2003, is one of my favourite contemporary scholars.  His work in the fields of the Third Quest for the Historical Jesus, the New Perspective on St Paul and Second Temple Judaism (among other things) has been extremely influential.  He is a world-class scholar and has been an invaluable guide in my exploration of Christianity, the Gospel and the kingdom of God.  His work is extremely pastoral (which for this reason only is reminiscent of Barth in my mind) – Wright believes that his scholarly endeavours have very profound implications in the lives of Christians.

The title of this post may be misleading – many scholars, both conservative and liberal, take great issue with Wright’s work.  The Evangelical Calvinist John Piper disagrees with Wright’s views on Paul and the doctrine of justification (among other things).   The liberal co-founder of the Jesus Seminar disagrees with Wright’s views on the literal Resurrection of Christ (among other things).  Wright’s method is rather straightforward: if we want to know what the words of the Bible mean we must read them in their geographical/cultural/historical/ecclesiastical contexts.   His conclusions seem revolutionary, though they often simply pull Protestants back to a more orthodox faith.  I find his work incredibly enlightening.  His expertise in a wide variety of fields renders his conclusions very defensible.

While I would like to engage in many conversations on this blog regarding the work of Tom Wright (and in the future there most certainly will be posts regarding Wright’s work), the purpose of this post is to share some exciting news! It was officially announced this week that Wright will be retiring from the See of Durham this August.

Why would Mr Wright leave his powerful ecclesiastical position?  He’s coming to St Mary’s College, of course!  And if you weren’t already aware St Mary’s College is also home to yours truly.   On 1 September 2010, Tom Wright will be taking up his duties as Chair in New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary’s College in order to focus more of his energy on academia.  I believe that Wright’s most important work will be done here at St Andrews and I am incredibly excited to see the way that he will continue to educate the Church to pursue the kingdom of God in the future.  Godspeed Tom Wright.

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8 responses to “How can it be wrong when it feels so Wright?”

  1. Carolyn says :

    You are in my prayers as you live Christ and continue your search for Truth.

    Best wishes,


  2. Isai says :

    This is wonderful news!!! I love Bishop Wright’s work; I’ve read 4 of his books in the last year. St. Andrews just jumped toward the top of the list for potential grad schools 🙂 Great to see you’re an NT Wright aficionado as well. Wish you the best in your search as well.

    • Elijah says :


      It’s great to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well. It would be great to see you make the trek from LA to St Andrews. Let me know if I can be of any assistance regarding any information about the programme(s) here at St Mary’s.

  3. Samuel Garcia says :

    Hey Elijah, seems like you’re enjoying your time! Just found your blog through FB, looks spiffy. My questions about European schools are always about funding. I know Oxbridge require one to prove that he has the money to survive for over there for as long as their degree lasts, is it the same for St. Andrews? Were you able to get a lot of financial aid, and if so, did that come mainly through many little scholarships you applied to or something else? Thanks a ton man.

    • Elijah says :


      Glad to hear from two Garcia brothers today. The issue with funding in the UK is not about the school you go to, but it has to do with the student visa required to study here. In order to obtain one you essentially need a letter from the school you are planning to attend as well as proof of your funding. Unfortunately fellowships for non-UK citizens are few and far between. Feel free to send me a Facebook message and we’ll talk about this more.

  4. Andrew Faris says :

    Thought of you today when I read this on a blog somewhere. That’s exciting for you man!

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