Disciple of the Band Evangelist

I have been a faithful disciple of the Band Evangelist for over half a decade and have him to thank for my introduction to and increased appreciation of Andrew Bird, Band of Horses, Lou Barlow, The Birthday Party, Department of Eagles, Jeremy Enigk (sans SDRE), Frightened Rabbit, The Kinks, Lift to Experience, Neutral Milk Hotel and Teenage Fanclub.

As a disciple I’d like to spread the gospel of some upcoming releases myself (hopefully we can count on apostolic succession):

  • Interpol Interpol (7 Sept) – Their first record since 2007’s Our Love to Admire.  It has potential…
  • Sleep Forever Crocodiles (14 Sept) – Last year’s Summer of Hate wasn’t my favourite record, but I always have high hopes for noisy/shoegazey music.
  • Tidelands Moondoggies (14 Sept) – Seattle-based folk rock band Moondoggies’ new release should prove fun.
  • The Trip Lætitia Sadier (21 Sept) – Sadier, lead singer of Stereolab, appeared on Atlas Sound’s excellent record Logos last year, singing the lead beautifully on ‘Quick Canal’.
  • Halcyon Digest Deerhunter (28 Sept) – Deerhunter, who was evangelised to me by Annette, is an excellent and innovative group fronted by Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound).  Their last record, 2008’s Microcastle, was one of my favourites from that year.
  • Belle and Sebastian Write About Love Belle & Sebastian (11 Oct) – I had the opportunity to hear the band share two songs from this record a couple of weeks ago in Glasgow.  Incredibly catchy and beautiful – they are still stuck in my head.  This will likely be in my top ten of 2010.
  • The Age of Adz Sufjan Stevens (12 Oct) – This will be Sufjan’s first LP in over five years!  He wetted our appetites with last week’s release of the All Delighted People EP and The National have helped been a part of recording this new one.  I except good great things.  Could he take the number one slot of the Best of 2010?

Preview the new Sufjan Stevens track, ‘I Walked’, here:

As for music thus far this year (in addition to the Band Evangelist’s list), if you haven’t heard the following, I suggest you do:

Musical blessings unto thee.

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About Elijah

My name is Elijah. My interests include life in active community, writing, performing and partaking of music, collecting vinyl records, hiking/outdoors, urban exploration, Celtic FC and the Detroit Tigers.

3 responses to “Disciple of the Band Evangelist”

  1. Greg says :

    Without sounding blasphemous (which will be nigh impossible), I am an indie John the Baptist to Elijah’s Jesus.

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