In this post a pacifist proposes a rivalry

This afternoon the Detroit Tigers will take on the New York Yankees at Comerica Park in Downtown Detroit. I know that some of you are thinking, ‘Oh no, another baseball post…’ But hear me out. A Tigers win in today’s game [UPDATE: The Tigers won!], which was originally scheduled for last night but was postponed … Continue reading “In this post a pacifist proposes a rivalry”

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs

It’s late at night here in Fife and I can’t sleep. So I do what many Western twenty-first-century twenty-somethings do – I end up on my computer, browsing the internet. Tonight I am especially glued to the computer with the Phillies-Cardinals game going on. If the Cards lose tonight they’re out of the playoffs, so … Continue reading “Rest in peace, Steve Jobs”

‘America!’, a ramble

Is America a force for good in the world? Many people would respond positively, convinced of some strange belief called ‘American exceptionalism’, and would top it off with a resounding ‘God bless America!’ But on the other end of the spectrum we find many who would respond with disgust, as if such a question was … Continue reading “‘America!’, a ramble”

Our ‘100th’ Post: 100 Things We Love

Recently, we realised that we were coming up on our 100th post here at Lost in the Cloud.  It’s only been a little less than a year (and we are actually cheating in bringing some of our posts over from our time at Criticism As Inspiration, which account for more than 1/3 of this total), … Continue reading “Our ‘100th’ Post: 100 Things We Love”

About E

Currently, I am a PhD student at New College, the University of Edinburgh, where my research focusses on liberation theology and semiotics. In 2016, I received a PhD in Theology & Art from St Mary’s College, the University of St Andrews. I reside in the west of Scotland with my canine flatmate, Karl Bark. When … Continue reading “About E”

Do you know what I am?

Suddenly everyone is a Los Angeles fan.  I’m talking baseball, of course. The Los Angeles Angels took the American League West division and faced-off against the wild card Boston Red Sox. The wild card, for those who don’t know, is an opportunity for the number two teams in both the American and National Leagues to … Continue reading “Do you know what I am?”

Childhood & the All-American Pastime

Ever since baseball swam across the Atlantic Ocean and grew legs to walk upon the Hoboken shore it has been a fiery All-American Pastime.  If you don’t like love baseball you are either a Communist or you’re not a true [red, white, and] blue American.  Or you weren’t an athletic child. Little League baseball has … Continue reading “Childhood & the All-American Pastime”