Top 50 Sufjan Stevens Songs

by Greg So subjective, so difficult, so subject to change.  (If you see any songs you don’t have but would like to obtain, just post a comment with the titles & I’ll hook you up!) ‘Majesty Snowbird’ Live recording (2006) ‘Romulus’ Greetings From Michigan (2003) ‘John Wayne Gacy, Jr.’ Illinois (2005) ‘The Transfiguration’ Seven Swans … Continue reading “Top 50 Sufjan Stevens Songs”

A modest proposal for Sufjan Stevens regarding the completion of his 50 States Project

Dear Sufjan, The other day my friend Erin Hennessy saw you on the F train in NYC, but she couldn’t get up the nerve to say anything to you.  That got me thinking of what I would say to you if I ran into you (even though I never would, as I live on the … Continue reading “A modest proposal for Sufjan Stevens regarding the completion of his 50 States Project”

Best Albums of 2016

Remember us? Neither do we. On with the show. Love, Greg & Elijah Elijah’s Top 10 Albums of 2016 10. Nattesferd  Kvelertak — Listening to Nattesferd, Kvelertak’s third full length album, is something like travelling back in time. The album is a marked departure from aural onslaught of their previous record (2013’s Meir, produced by one … Continue reading “Best Albums of 2016”

Best Albums of 2015

Not a single Lost in the Cloud post in 2015. We could give excuses, but we don’t think anyone is suffering without our ramblings (Greg and I have an audience weekly in our respective congregations…). We won’t insult our readers with elaborate promises of innumerable posts to follow in 2016. All we can do is … Continue reading “Best Albums of 2015”

Best Albums of 2014

Oh, hi, remember us?  Never fear, it’s that time of year again!  The time to buy into consumerism, to plunge ourselves into debt for the sake of acquiring all the latest things in order to prove to our loved ones that they really are worth that object made by underpaid underagers on the other side … Continue reading “Best Albums of 2014”

Lost in the Aesthetic

As you might have noticed, we have had a wee bit of a redesign here at Lost in the Cloud. But how you would have noticed, I am not sure, since any visits to this blog in the last year or two will have proven generally underwhelming (even more underwhelming than when we post more … Continue reading “Lost in the Aesthetic”

Best Albums of 2012

+++++ Dear faithful LITC readers, Our favourite post of the year is here!  We apologise that it’s taken so long, but think of it as a late Christmas gift.  As with previous years, we’ve included our respective Top 10 Albums of the year as well as some honourable mentions and some not so honourable ones.  … Continue reading “Best Albums of 2012”

Two Years of Lost in the Cloud

Dear readers, Today, Elijah and Greg celebrate two years of writing on our collaborative blog, Lost in the Cloud.  Though we had transferred over some older posts from the previous blog we had created with Greg’s younger brother, Criticism As Inspiration (which still features the header that Greg designed on Microsoft Word!), our first official … Continue reading “Two Years of Lost in the Cloud”

‘America!’, a ramble

Is America a force for good in the world? Many people would respond positively, convinced of some strange belief called ‘American exceptionalism’, and would top it off with a resounding ‘God bless America!’ But on the other end of the spectrum we find many who would respond with disgust, as if such a question was … Continue reading “‘America!’, a ramble”

Best Albums of 2010

The year is rapidly drawing to a close, which means that it is time for our favourite annual post here at LITC: OUR BEST OF ALBUMS LIST.  This has been a very satisfying year for music.  Not much is needed by way of introduction, so let’s just jump into it.  As may be expected, we … Continue reading “Best Albums of 2010”