Top 20 Bands

by Elijah

In typical LITC obsessive list-making fashion I’ve decided to compile a list of my Top 20 Bands of all time.  I must admit that this list is prone to change, whether it be in order or in composition (perhaps in the coming years more recent groups like Frightened Rabbit, Grizzly Bear and Deerhunter might make their way on or classics that have been in my rotation for most if not all of my life will sneak in like Starflyer 59, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones and The Smashing Pumpkins).  I’ll probably modify this list with my ever-changing taste and an ever-growing musical collection, but I will say that the bulk of this list has remained rather consistent over the last few years.  Perhaps you’ve not really given some of these groups a fair listen, or perhaps this will encourage you to give them another shot.

(Numbers in parentheses indicate their location on Greg’s Top 20 Bands list)

  1. Bob Dylan
  2. Elliott Smith
  3. Sufjan Stevens (1)
  4. Grandaddy
  5. Belle & Sebastian
  6. Radiohead (2)
  7. The Smiths/Morrissey (10)
  8. Converge
  9. Pink Floyd
  10. The Clash
  11. The Beatles/George Harrison (3)
  12. The Beach Boys
  13. The Kinks
  14. Neil Young
  15. Tom Waits
  16. The Velvet Underground
  17. Danielson/Daniel Smith
  18. Sebadoh/Lou Barlow (4)
  19. Spiritualized
  20. Descendents

Honourable Mentions

  1. Starflyer 59
  2. Cass McCombs
  3. Frightened Rabbit (6)
  4. Pedro the Lion/Headphones/David Bazan (12)
  5. Brian Eno
  6. Grizzly Bear
  7. Deerhunter/Atlas Sound
  8. Camera Obscura
  9. Cursive
  10. Beck

One response to “Top 20 Bands”

  1. powertofind says :

    I like your list… I would have honourably mentioned Bruce Springsteen with the albums Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad…

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