Two Years of Lost in the Cloud

Dear readers, Today, Elijah and Greg celebrate two years of writing on our collaborative blog, Lost in the Cloud.  Though we had transferred over some older posts from the previous blog we had created with Greg’s younger brother, Criticism As Inspiration (which still features the header that Greg designed on Microsoft Word!), our first official … Continue reading “Two Years of Lost in the Cloud”

‘America!’, a ramble

Is America a force for good in the world? Many people would respond positively, convinced of some strange belief called ‘American exceptionalism’, and would top it off with a resounding ‘God bless America!’ But on the other end of the spectrum we find many who would respond with disgust, as if such a question was … Continue reading “‘America!’, a ramble”

Best Albums of 2010

The year is rapidly drawing to a close, which means that it is time for our favourite annual post here at LITC: OUR BEST OF ALBUMS LIST.  This has been a very satisfying year for music.  Not much is needed by way of introduction, so let’s just jump into it.  As may be expected, we … Continue reading “Best Albums of 2010”

The Gift (I Burn for You)

Being that this is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus by giving one another all sorts of things that we don’t really need (check out the Advent Conspiracy for a counter-consumerist idea of Christmas), I thought it right to offer a small gift to you all…in the form of two … Continue reading “The Gift (I Burn for You)”

Welcome to November

Every once in a while it is suitable to give a brief update on the inner-workings of the blog and its contributors.  November is upon us and autumn is in full swing.  While I failed to publish a single post in the month of October, Greg more than made up for it with several excellent … Continue reading “Welcome to November”

“Two Months”: a melange of songs from 2010

SO, we are almost to the point where there are only TWO MONTHS left in 2010!  Which means, most importantly to those of us here at LITC, that Elijah and I have but two months to put the finishing touches on our annual “best of” lists (music, film, what-not). In anticipation of that great day … Continue reading ““Two Months”: a melange of songs from 2010″

Top 20 Bands

by Greg I feel somewhat embarrassed adding my top 20 bands here after Elijah’s masterful unveiling of his list in a climactic series of posts.  There are no reasons, no recommendations, no videos herein…just an unadorned sequence of names. There were several criteria that I used in my selection process: I needed to currently own … Continue reading “Top 20 Bands”

Top 20 Bands: 1

1. Bob Dylan Surprise, surprise – Bob Dylan is my favourite ‘band’.  From a critical perspective, Dylan’s monumental place in the history of popular music is indisputable, yet despite his massive popularity and critical enshrinement, he is and has ever been elusive, in a constant state of artistic evolution.  In Martin Scorsese’s 2005 documentary No … Continue reading “Top 20 Bands: 1”

Top 20 Bands: 6 & 5

6. Sufjan Stevens [UPDATE: moved to number 3.] My deep admiration for Sufjan Stevens is paired with the sad realisation that his rapid rise to fame in 2005 inevitably wore him out.  Many feared that Sufjan wouldn’t make another proper record after certain statements he made last year, but lo and behold, this year he … Continue reading “Top 20 Bands: 6 & 5”

Top 20 Bands: 18 & 17

In continuing my Top 20 Bands countdown, I present you with two more amazing musical acts: 18. The Kinks [UPDATE: moved to number 13.] The Kinks were an unstoppable force during the British Invasion of America in the mid-60s, popping out hits like ‘You Really Got Me‘, ‘All Day and All of the Night‘, ‘Tired … Continue reading “Top 20 Bands: 18 & 17”