Top 20 Bands: 4

Now that we’re into the last four of my Top 20 Bands list I figured I’d share each band individually.

4. Radiohead (UPDATE: moved to number 5)

It feels incredibly cheap to write about most of the bands in my Top 20 list because they’ve been written about so many times before (though to my fault I don’t often feel such trepidation when approaching talk of the Almighty…).  My number four pick, Radiohead, is probably one of the more difficult of all to actually write about because I suspect—without having done any formal research—that it is the most widely commented about band on the internet, ever.  I will state that while I am not especially thrilled by the solo projects that various members of the band have embarked upon in recent years, Radiohead is an absolutely amazing group, constantly pushing the boundaries and reshaping the landscape of popular music and how that music is experienced, whether that be through innovative packaging, the way that music is exchanged, brilliant music videos, phenomenal live performances, etc.  I love every Radiohead song released since their 1997 album OK Computer, which along with Kid A/Amnesiac (2000/1) can be found on my Top 50 Albums list.  The grouping of Kid A/Amnesiac was also my favourite album released in the previous decade.

In a recent essay published here, bassist Colin Greenwood reveals that the band has finished recording their newest record and is in the process of deciding how exactly to release it after their groundbreaking self-release of In Rainbows in 2007 (which the band initially sold the record in digital form at a price determined by the customer).

‘There There’ from 2003’s Hail to the Thief (which was ranked number 18 of 21 in my favourites from the previous decade):

‘House of Cards’ from In Rainbows.  (This music video was made without video cameras – see how they did it here):


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4 thoughts on “Top 20 Bands: 4”

  1. Do you remember when you got kind of mad at me and told me, “Thom Yorke is the most overrated lead singer of all time!” Well fancy this.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your top 20, even though I don’t listen to half of the bands.

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