The Only Book I Will Buy This Year…

I have made a commitment/resolution not to buy any non-required books in 2011, being that the number of volumes I bought in the last quarter of 2010 ought to provide me with enough reading material for this entire year (you may find my current reading list here) and I was finding that my ongoing Amazon book purchases were becoming a sort of addictive behavior (experiencing a little dopamine hit at the click of “Add to Cart”.)

However, I am going to break my vow for one book that is coming out in June of this year, entitled God Behaving Badly by David Lamb.  I took a course with David this past summer at Fuller Seminary on the book of Genesis that somewhat revolutionized my view of “the God of the Old Testament” and even my approach to Scripture as a whole.  David has a contagious passion to help people understand Scripture (from his days on staff with InterVarsity), but also open-mindedly engages critical issues and theological tensions in the Bible (from his time at a little school across the pond called Oxford University).

In the course I had with David, we were able to read some of the early chapters from this work and the content is outstanding.  You may check out the many endorsements at the IVP page on the book, including ones from Scot McKnight (who is making this required reading for undergrads), John Goldingay, and Alan Hirsch. I’ve included a brochure for the book below that has a pre-order code for 40% off which can be used from now until April 30, 2011.  If anyone wants to do a reading group on the book, I’m game!  Here’s to breaking my vow!!


6 thoughts on “The Only Book I Will Buy This Year…”

  1. Here’s to breaking your vow indeed! Is this an exception or just a temporary break? Hmmm, I think I need to have more of a “sell” on this before joining a reading group, but I’m intrigued…

    1. This is my one exception.

      I think that this book is mostly helpful not to answer our own questions about God, though we may have them at a pretty deep level that we’re not even conscious of, but rather to answer those with whom we may be in spiritual conversation.

      Once I read it all, I’ll let you know more!

    1. I’m in La Mirada, down at the edge of Orange & LA counties. When the book comes out, we can definitely re-connect if you’re in the LA area!

  2. ok i shouldn’t have done it cuz mypiles of books are huge but it’s done. ordered. thanks for the coupon. 🙂

    1. I know EXACTLY what you mean, but I am glad that this one will be on the pile as well! Dave is a really thoughtful teacher of Scripture, so I believe it will be outstanding!

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