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In one’s life, there are certain callings that one sometimes experiences…some feel called to serve as missionaries, philanthropists, or teachers of underprivileged youth.  While those examples are great and all, I have heard a different call to serve humanity, and perhaps even the divine essence, through the ministry of ‘band evangelist’.  Now I can anticipate our comments section here already:  “Greg, THANK YOU for answering the call to an underheeded & much needed prophetic role in the music-listening community!” and “How can I support you, even enable you to be financially independent so that you may devote yourself full-time to this endeavor?”, but nae, my friends, I am not fishing for spiritual confirmation nor cash donations (though if you want to see MP3’s posted on LITC, it would help to see a little brass in pocket, nudge nudge wink wink).

All I ask is that you listen to me…a voice in the sonic wilderness.  And for those CYNICS out there, who would say, “Oh pish-posh, why do I need to find out about new music?  My tastes became ossified during my junior year in college…The Foo Fighters rocked then and they still do to this day!” or “Doesn’t the radio give us all the new music that’s fit to be heard?”, I say this:  WOE TO YOU!  You are the deaf leading the deaf!!  Woe to you,  DJ’s of Clear Channel and purveyors of codified ‘classics’, you hypocrites! You broadcast over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.  Dear reader, a day will come when our tastes in music will be tested by fire and let me tell you brothers and sisters, on that day, you are either humming true gold, or it’s chaff.

So, to those who have ears to hear, check this ish out.  I will only give a few recommendations for upcoming releases based on my confidence that these albums will be wholly worthwhile:


Lightspeed Champion/Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You:  this should come out on February 16, 2010.  The singer/substance of the band has such a lovely toned voice and his lyrics are shiveringly honest (he’s got a pretty unique look as well).  The melodies and arrangements are accessible but subversive (going next where you wouldn’t expect) and his band is as tight as a librarian’s arse.

Frightened Rabbit/The Winter of Mixed Drinks: due out on March 1, 2010.  Their last album was magnificent & under-appreciated in astronomical proportions (#4 record of the 2000’s for me).  I will say it now, that there is SOME trepidation in hearing this album…expectations are ionospherically high.  Lead scared bunny Scott Hutchison says that this new album is less confessional than their records in the past and “doesn’t really describe my life because if I did that it wouldn’t make for an interesting album this time around as I’ve been quite solid and content, thankfully.”  Solid & content sounds like a recipe for mediocrity, but I (and by extension, you) should give this new record a chance based on past brilliance & the strength of the two singles released so far.

Sleeping States/In the Gardens of the North:  this album was released internationally last year…we can only hope for some kind of distribution in these United States soon.  Or I may just have to break down and order an import.  This is more for the melancholiasts among you.

The XYZ Affair/???:  I was so looking forward to posting about a new album to be released by The XYZ Affair (one of the greatest bands I’ve heard on the super DIY tip), only to find that they have broken up.  However, it does seem like the recording will see the light of day under some new moniker before too long.  Believe me, I will keep you posted…

If you are interested in checking out any of these bands, but don’t want to drop some coin yet, you may go to The Hype Machine and type the group’s name in the search engine.  There you may find links to their music on other blogs which have money to buy space, width, whatever it is you have to pay for on the interweb to post MP3’s.

Well, I’m done steering the conversation toward all of my foregone conclusions.  I think I hear the voice of the Spirit telling me something…until my next proclamation:  RELENT & BUY LP’S!!!


8 thoughts on “Band Evangelist”

  1. I’m really excited for those new records, also! Thanks for playing such a pivotal role in my musical salvation. I might be eternally indebted to you – fortunately I have returned the favour.

  2. That you have my dear friend.
    That you have.

    That you.
    (I was just testing out a new theory of regressive self-quoting. Doesn’t work.)

  3. Gents, forgive me for butting my head where I don’t nothin about no one, but I have a question/statement thingy.

    This musical salvation that you speak of, it sounds pleasant.

    However, I don’t like to work. I am certainly not a works salvation type of guy. I like what I like, and I don’t like that which I don’t like. This concept has led me to (in general) not listen to whole albums much anymore, but to search for singles that I can sling into my mouth and enjoy many times over.

    1) Am I heretical for this view?
    (and if the answer is yes, be careful, you might make me bust out my recently acquired knowledge of ‘Go to hell’ in Slovenian — so there!)

    2) Can you soothe my lazy soul and offer me superb singles, which is the kind of musical salvation that I find myself personally seeking?

  4. 1) I would consider album vs. song being more of a question of form (akin to baptism, communion, etc.) than doctrinal. If you said that lo-fi was a ridiculous genre, that would be tantamount to heresy. If you said Sufjan sucked, you would be anathema.

    2) Check out the post below for some of last year’s best songs…according to me (in my previous incarnation as “Sgt. Grumbles”).

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