Patrick Daughters

One of my greatest secret interests is the music video.  I would tend to shy away from such an admission in light of the sheer wretchedness of what we often see on MTV, VH1, or countless other music television stations that have arisen over the years.  Music videos have become so uninspired, oftentimes more interested in conveying an image that builds up the artist as a superhero, a martyr, or a sex icon.  And when a video does employ any sort of storytelling, it is all-too-often meaningless, narcissistic, and void of any substance.

I always keep my eyes open for the artist who can capture a profound image, a profound concept, and a profound sound.  I am obsessed with engaging art in exhaustive ways (using as many senses as possible, and let’s consider the mind a sense for the time being), and it wasn’t until recently that I realized some of my favorite recent music videos have been directed by one person.  I’m talking about music videos that make you fall more in love with the sound because of what the images and ideas passed to you though the music video medium enrich the individual song with, enhancing your experience.

Even if you’ve not heard of Patrick Daughters it is possible that you have seen one of his very uniquely styled and directed music videos.  Some of my favorites are below.  Please enjoy.






If you’re interested, this MGMT video by Eric Wareheim and this Danielson video by J. Christiaan Palladino are incredible, as well as anything by Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, etc.

While You Wait for the Others

As Greg mentioned in another post, he and I are fans of Daniel Rossen (who plays both in Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles).  I’ve enjoyed Grizzly Bear for some time, but on 27 February this past year Grizzly Bear appeared on KCRW’s morning program, Morning Becomes Eclectic.  On the show that day they shared a new song entitled “While You Wait For the Others,” a song written primarily by Rossen.  I had it stuck in my head this morning so I post it in hopes that  maybe you will enjoy it as much as I do (if not more):

Stereogum has an MP3 of the recording available here if you’d like to download it.

Prick Up Your Ears…2008 C.E.

What follows is my unsolicited list of the finest 10 music albums of this year.  Full disclosure:  I have a rather limited musical palate and have been called a bit “elitist” when it comes to music (i.e. all tastes are not equally valid), so I apologize ahead of time for any arrogant presumptions or pretentious hype.prick-up-pic

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